Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God's Protection My Response

God's Protection. My life is a story of God's grace, protection and provision. Today I want to write of His protection. Like the proverbial "cat with 9 lives" am I.  I have survived a plane crash, being robbed at gunpoint and the list goes on.

Just moments ago I was traveling down a toll road, my daily jaunt to take my two precious children to school. Lots of speeding drivers, reckless maneuvering and cars traveling too close all characterize the journey.
Today there was a consequence for those bad choices.

As I scanned ahead I had noticed a car fairly far in the distance trying to move quickly into the next lane where there was no room. Perhaps he was trying to avoid a crash. Brake lights went crazy, cars trying to evade the scene.

I drive a large SUV that is hard to stop. In a flash deciding not to slam on the brakes fearing we would be hit from behind, I braked firmly. Every driver in front of me was trying to stop their car. Its all happening so fast.
We were traveling in the far left lane. I looked for a safe place to go. Of course that place is always God.

Cars were still slamming on their brakes in front of me. There was no way to get our "beast" of a vehicle stopped and I was not following close to the cars ahead of us.
I dashed into the next lane braking, steering and scanning ahead and behind. Then into the right lane. My heart was racing. No car there.
The red truck that a few moments before had been speeding near me was slowing in the shoulder lane.
Only by Gods grace and protection were my boys and I spared from being hit.

Thank you Abba Father. Once again you have spared my mortal life. I know you have saved me for a reason all these many years. I have been in harms ways so many times and you've rescued me every time. It was for your eternal purposes only and not because I deserved it. May I do your will and serve you faithfully.
I am a sinner saved by grace. Father continue to refine me. Guide me and direct my steps. Use me as a vessel through which You work.

As we crept by the wrecked cars and scared people checking to make sure everyone was ok we counted 8 cars crashed but no one appeared to be hurt.
I told my boys immediately that God had protected us. It was not my evasive driving but God at the wheel directing of our lives.
We prayed thanking God for this blessing, for our eternal salvation through Jesus, for the victims and much more.

It was no coincidence that my 15 year old son who has his driving permit experienced these events. Just this very morning as we drove to school we discussed that it was time for him to begin driving to school on the tollroad- a scary proposition for us both. Gods timing was perfect. Wow!
God was at work in his life as well. He witnessed an invaluable lesson on personal choices

Whose behind the wheel driving your life?  Is it working?

"Protect me, for I am devoted to you. Save me, for I serve you and trust you. You are my God - Psalm 86:2
Proverbs 30:5  Psalm 5:11.  Click here for my post regarding the plane crash

The Bible

The Bible is God's holy word.
It is comprised of 66 books.  These books are separated into 2 Divisions.
The Old Testament containing 39 books and The New Testament containing 27 books.
The books of the Old and New Testament can each be divided into groups.
Without going into Church history there are a  number of ways Bible Scholars have divided the Bible into parts or sections.
Below, under the heading "The Bible" is a fairly common listing.

If you are new to reading the Bible, where should you begin?
Begin by learning about Jesus. Many suggest beginning in the book of Mark or John in the New Testament.  These books along with 2 others are known as "the Gospels".
Mark tells you what Jesus did in his adult life.  John tells you who Jesus was along with accounts of his public ministry.
Don't worry.  It is not easy to read the Bible and understand everything in it.  You will learn and understand more as you read the Bible over time.  I suggest you read whole books before moving on to the next and instead of jumping around.  Each book is meant to be read in its entirety.

If you are a Christian and familiar with the Bible, it is essential that you make it a priority to  set aside time each day to read it.
Know God's word and deepen your faith.
Read it, 
think about it and 
by all means put what you learn into practice.  2 Timothy 3:16 "All scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.  
Ephesians 4:15 says "..we will speak the truth in love, growing in every way more and more like Christ..." 


THE OLD TESTAMENT-  Written before the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Law also known as the Pentateuch

Genesis  Exodus  Leviticus  Numbers  Deuteronomy


Joshua  Judges  Ruth  1 Samuel  2 Samuel  1 Kings  2 Kings  1 Chronicles  2 Chronicles
Ezra  Nehemiah  Esther


Job  Psalms  Proverbs  Ecclesiastes  Song of Solomon


Major Prophets - Isaiah   Jeremiah   Lamentations  Ezekiel  Daniel
Minor Prophets - Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah  Jonah  Micah  Nahum  Habakkuk         Zephaniah  Haggai  Zechariah  Malachi

THE NEW TESTAMENT- Written after the Birth of JESUS


Matthew  Mark  Luke  John

Church History

Acts   (chronological history of the early church)

Letters or Epistles   (written from church leaders such as Paul to various Churches)

Letters by Paul - Romans  1 Corinthians  2 Corinthians  Galatians  Ephesians
Philippians  Colossians  1 Thessalonians  2 Thessalonians  1 Timothy  2 Timothy
Titus  Philemon  Hebrews

Letters by Others or General Epistles- James  1 Peter  2 Peter  1 John   2 John  3 John   Jude



The Bible or Scripture is the inerrant Word of God - without error or  fault in all its teaching. (Psalm 18:30)  It is all of God.

Click here to read an article by on the subject inerrancy.  As this article states "inerrancy is in keeping with character of God.  If God is true and he is God is (Romans 3:4), 
and if God breathed out the Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16), then the Scripture, being the product of God, must also be true."
"A study of what Jesus said about the Bible reveals not only His belief in its verbal,plenary inspiration, but the He also believed it was inerrant.... Why is Jesus testimony important? Because God authenticated and proved Him to be His own divine Son by the resurrection."

The Bible was written by men under the divine direction or inspiration of God.
The Bible contains many different styles of writing such as poetry, narration, law, history, and prophecy. The text is interpreted in context of the relevant style of writing.